About Me.

I dislike writing about myself as I don’t want to sound like some pretentious dickhead. I’m really not. I’m stupidly shy (you’d think a 28 year old would grow out of that!) Fully aware I’m making this sound like a dating ad now aren’t I.

Over the past 8 years I have interviewed quite a few artists. Over the phone, email and in person. It’s just the best feeling ever meeting people you admire and getting to talk about their work. Some the artists I’ve interviewed are: Warpaint, Dirty Beaches, Crocodiles, Sensual Harassment, Autumns, Dum Dum Girls, 2:54 and Metric.

My influences are Lester Bangs, John Cooper Clarke, Wes Eisold, Emily Haines, Morrissey, John Peel, Stuart Maconie, Hunter S Thompson, a bunch of Philosophers, my mum, the outside world, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Charles Shaar Murray. Anyone with heart and passion is a good egg in my eyes.

I just love music and I love writing. I don’t get paid for this. Of course I wish I did. I think to get paid to do something you love would be entirely rewarding. Things take time. I have a Music Journalism & Broadcasting degree. I’ve written for some amazing sites/blogs/magazines.

I refuse to ever slag an artist off and write badly about them. Their job is to create music for others to enjoy, I’m not going to knock that all. I hate Music Journalists that pride themselves on slagging off bands to make themselves look “cool.” You don’t look cool, you look like a wanker. Besides, “cool” doesn’t exist.

If, by a strange stroke of luck you want to give me a paid job with writing/editing/anything to do with music- my email is olivia_cellamare@hotmail.co.uk =) However, I LOVE bands/PR companies/record labels getting in touch with music. If you’re kind enough to send me your music, I’ll ALWAYS repay you by writing kind words about your music. If you sound anything like The Jesus And Mary Chain to The Stone Roses to the Ramones- get in touch!

Thank you for reading xxx


11 responses

23 03 2013
Kate G

Your blog is incredible. From one Shirley-saved to another, thank you.

23 03 2013

Kate,thank you so much 🙂 xx

9 05 2013
Stuart Drummond

Hi Olivia, it’s stu from the bedroom hour, don’t know if you remember us but=
you wrote an incredible review about us and I wondered if you would be inte=
rested in writing one now our debut E.P. is ready for release next Friday (1=
7th may)

Couple of older songs on there that we have remastered and mixed as well as a=
few new ones, I have been trying to find you on twitter but no luck, so if y=
ou get a chance please follow me at @broxiestu=20

Happy to get the E.P. dropboxed over to you, and on another note its availab=
le to preorder from iTunes now, how’s things with you anyhow?

If its easier to chat rather than email my number is 07725 624665

Hope alls well with you 😉

Stu X

9 05 2013

Hey Stu,
Thank you for your message. Just sent you a message on Twitter. I changed my username on there, probably why you couldn’t find me haha 🙂 xx

6 10 2014
Rebecca Clark

Liv, you’re the best! Truly inspiring.

6 02 2015

Seems a throwaway comment but you are one of the first writers I’ve read to openly acknowledge that ‘cool’ is meaningless. That makes me happy. There need to be more of us simply loving music for the sheer thrill of it. There just have to be. Glad to have found an ally.


7 02 2015

Thank you so much! It is irritating when people lob the word “cool” around to describe something, it’s become a redundant way of describing anything hasn’t it. 🙂 x

7 02 2015

It just fosters a really negative approach to culture. We end up with ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’ and all the horrid divisions that creates. Especially when people start to change their behavior to fit into this pointless box in the hope of acceptance. Ooh it makes me mad, it does. Then again, ‘the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool’. We can be uncool together.

7 02 2015

Almost Famous! One of the best lines from the film! Nothing should be labelled/divided. That’s where snobbery comes into play, and it is such a secluded way to be x

6 08 2015

First bit of stuff I’ve found that’s worth reading for a long time. Stick with what you feel, everything else is unknown because it’s somebody else’s truth. I was looking around to find the London Grammar ‘if you wait’ lyrics and found your site. Nice stumble.

6 08 2015

Hey Sandy, thank you for your kind words 🙂 xx

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