12 Essential New York Records.

8 02 2018

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I’m not someone who gets overly annoyed easily (but if you chew loudly or sniff constantly on public transport, I’ll probably want to smack you in the kisser.) However, after reading the apparent “essential” NYC records chosen by BBC 6Music, I got annoyed. In fact, it went beyond being annoyed. I am pissed off. A pissed off Punk who is absolutely infuriated by this list and I know that I am not alone in this.

If you want to share my rage, here is the list:

1. The Strokes – Is This It
2. Wu Tang Clan – Enter The 36 Chambers
3. Blondie – Parallel Lines
4. Talking Heads – 77
5. Nas – Illmatic
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell
7. Simon & Garfunkel – Bookends
8. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
9. Princess Nokia – 1992 Deluxe
10. The Rapture – Echoes
11. Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights
12. LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver


I am a massive fan of Nas, Wu Tang, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes. The Strokes first record was my crutch for a long time, and I do agree with it being there- but not at the top. There is so much missing from this list- how can you even condense it down to 12 anyway? Maybe 20 wouldn’t even be enough.

So with my burning rage, I have to come up with my own list. I don’t want to claim that my list is correct or anything like that- it’s just an opinion. I could be wrong, or someone may feel like they agree with me. The severe lack of Punk in the list just makes me sad. I do agree, as I said with some of the records being there, but some are wrongfully missed.

Also, it isn’t in any order- I don’t like order, it makes me nervous.


It was either this or Leave Home. I think Leave Home is my favourite Ramones record, but their debut deserves to be there because of the huge impact it had. I remember hearing it for the first time when I was about 14/156. The age where everything and anything can influence you. I remember hearing it and feeling like I had been born in the wrong era. Every song gave me this incredible feeling, and every song just made me idolise them. I think it is obvious that I worship Joey Ramone. Oh man, Beat On The Brat is one of my favourite Ramones songs. I love the lyrics and I love the humour in their songs but there is a real sensitivity in Joey’s voice that is so unique and beautiful. It’’ just such an iconic record. It was made to influence and to be played loud.

Lou Reed-Transformer.

The most important NYC record of all time. ALL.TIME. Why the hell wasn’t it included?! It’s pretty insulting to Lou’s legacy that this record isn’t on there. It’s not only a great NYC record; it’s probably my favourite record of all time. As a gay person, this record gave me this sense of freedom that I hadn’t found in any other record when I first heard it. I didn’t come out until years after hearing this record, but it gave me this feeling of being alright with who I was. Besides, me being gay doesn’t define me. Never has, never will Transformer is just the coolest record ever made. I hate the word cool, we know that but fucking hell Lou Reed was THE coolest person to have ever lived and he just smacks it in our faces with this record. Sally Can’t Dance and Coney Island Baby are obviously worth mentioning. Pretty sure my list could just be Lou and Ramones records. Vicious and Andy’s Chest…man alive! “You hit me with a flower.” That’s GOT to move you in some way. I love the lyrics to Vicious, and I think this whole record shows Lou in a different way, you know? He just expressed himself in a way nobody else had dared to. I still don’t think anything can touch this record.

New York Dolls-New York Dolls.

The clue is in the bloody name really. Absolutely criminal and horrendous that this record isn’t on the list. My mum got me into the Dolls at a very young age. I don’t even think I was a teenager. I remember finding her copy of the record, and being in awe of the Dolls in drag. How beautiful they were! I was drawn of course, to Johnny Thunders (the greatest guitarist of all time.) Subway Train is such a beautiful song. Jet Boy has this incredible snarl to it. The whole record oozes attitude that is so unique to the Dolls. The lyrics to Trash and Personality Crisis are just great. This record is New York through and through. It’s got the charm and grit. It’s got the attitude and bite. It’s a record that I always find myself going to time and time again, and discovering more things to love about it. It’s just timeless.

Richard Hell + The Voidoids-Blank Generation.

Alright so Richard isn’t from New York- but this record was recorded at Electric Lady Studios so, it’s a NYC record. And he moved there pretty early on, so it’s fine. It’s acceptable.

I am a Richard Hell obsessive. I paid £30 once for a Richard Hell t-shirt from a shop on Brick Lane. Yeah it was too much money, but it’s Richard Hell.

Blank Generation would easily be in my list of best Punk records. It’s got this raw attitude to it, and I just love Richard’s voice. As a singer and as a writer, I just love him. His autobiography is one of the best of its kind I’ve read. He has most certainly lived a colourful life. Sure he’s done questionable things, the little bugger. But, he’s made some incredible music along the way.


Suicide are probably the best duo of all time. Frankie Teardrop is the best 10 minute song of all time. Dream Baby Dream is a masterpiece. The whole record is a work of art. If any record can capture the roughness of New York in the 70s, it’s this record. It is such a grand record and well ahead of its time. It still is. Nothing and no one has ever come close to this. For me, I think Suicide are massively underrated but they have influenced so many bands that I adore. It still hurts and it still sucks that Alan Vega is no longer here. I remember when he passed; I had the same reaction most had for Bowie. Suicide were never afraid to push their sound and to make music that was entirely different. It is a beautiful noise that brings such pleasure and joy to the ears. It is a gritty record from start to finish, and they keep that grittiness throughout every record they have ever made.

The Heartbreakers-L.A.M.F

I think this was recorded in London, but Johnny Thunders was a New Yorker, The Heartbreakers were a supergroup. I did want to pick a solo Johnny record, but I remembered how much I am obsessed with L.A.M.F (it stands for Like A Mother Fucker.) and how One Track Mind is such a great song. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if Johnny was still here. Like I said earlier on, for me he’s the greatest guitarist of all time. His style was just impeccable and one of a kind. No one else could play like him. His style was way ahead of its time. He was ahead of his time.  He had this way of just magnetising you with every note. The record has been reissued so many times, but regardless of what version you have- it’s a genius record. It is proper Rock N Roll and has Punk foundations. Of all the records I own, I think this might be my most played. It’s one of those records I just really enjoy listening to over and over again.


Nas is one of the greatest rappers of all time, that’s obvious. There are so many Hip Hop records I could have chosen. I know that The Big Picture by Big L is one of the best. I bought it when it came out, and to this day it is still one of my favourite records. Like Nas, Big L was and still is above the rest. Illmatic portrays New York in a way that most don’t want to hear. Nas is not, and has never been afraid to show the harsher side of life. From losing friends to growing up in the projects in Queens- he really takes you there. He’s a poet, a storyteller. Halftime is one of the songs on Illmatic that really show this. He makes you see the world and his world the way he does with Illmatic. Is it his best record? For sure. It’s one of the best Hip Hop records of all time. Nas has constantly brought out remarkable records that have, and still do influence so many. It’s one of those records that you can’t imagine not ever happening. It is such an important record- irrespective of what kind of music you’re into; it is such a phenomenal record. What he did with this debut record most want from their whole career.

A Tribe Called Quest-People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

Tribe have always made consistently great records that are so experimental and diverse. They fused together all styles of music. There are so many records by them I could have chosen, but it felt right to go with their debut. It came out in a time where you had groups like NWA with their aggressive songs. Sure their songs may have been, but it is important to remember that NWA were telling us about the things that were happening in Compton- it is just as important and to an extent maybe more so. But this about New York right now. What I love about the first Tribe record is that it frees your mind, it gives you something that you won’t find anywhere else. Q-Tip and Phife are two great rappers, and I don’t think they have ever got enough credit it. Tribe’s records each have distinctive sounds. Push It Along is nearly 8 minutes long, Bonita Applebum is genius, I Left My Wallet In El Segundo is timeless and Luck of Lucien is just amazing. The samples on this record used range from Grace Jones to The Beatles to Lou Reed. It’s a record that quite simply, you need to own.

 Sonic Youth-Confusion Is Sex

I could have happily listed every single record by Sonic Youth. I’d have no idea where to start- so I went to the start. It’s such a heavy record; it’s a record that has influenced so many. It is powerful, it is loud and it has Jim Sclavunos on drums. What more do you need? (She’s In A) Bad Mood is such a brilliant way to start the record. Jim’s drumming is so brutal; they all just move you in a way that you wouldn’t expect. There is nothing calming about the sound on this record- they just rile you up in a way that is mind-blowing.

I think it is possible the record that shows us all just how amazing Kim Gordon is. I mean, we know that anyway but Confusion Is Sex has some awesome moments that just leave you inspired by Kim. Shaking Hell is my favourite on this record; it’s so aggressive and really brutal. The louder you play this, the better. The way she yells “Shake off your flesh!” is so hypnotising.

The Velvet Underground-Loaded

Maybe I should have gone with their first record. Maybe. But, Loaded is my favourite and I remember buying my copy of this in Brussels and feeling like I had won the lottery. My copy doesn’t play as well as it should but that’s because I am always playing it. I love listening to it and allowing Velvet Underground to take me some place really magical. Rock & Roll is such a fantastic song, and you can’t help but think you’re the person Lou has written about. Lonesome Cowboy Bill is out of this world- it’s not like anything else.

Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ is up there as being one of the greatest songs of all time. It’s one of Lou’s best, easily. I’ve written about this record so many times, and I’m sure I have never done it justice.

Television-Marquee Moon

I cannot make this list without mentioning Television, and this record. Many have regarded it as one of the best records ever made, and they aren’t wrong. It is such a wonderfully created record. From the vocals to the production- it is so effortlessly great and really does have a slick sound that you know is from New York. Every song on Marquee Moon is so distinctive. You hear one note, and you immediately know that it is them. The intro to the title song is one of the most iconic ones of all time. It’s an intro that just stays with you. You immediately go back to the first time you heard it as soon as it comes on. It’s just a magnificent record that definitely does deserve its status as being one of the greatest records ever made.

The Strokes-Is This It

There are a number of records I could have picked. I could have gone with Foxy Brown, Mos Def, Interpol, Talking Heads, Big L- so many. Why did I stick with The Strokes when I could have picked someone else? Because this record holds a lot of importance to me. It’s got me through hell and back. It still does. I adore Julian. I love his words, his voice and just him. It’s a record I constantly go back to. I can play it and I immediately go back to my first time hearing it. I was 15 years old, being bullied at school. I’d play it every day. And every single day I would imagine I was hanging out with Julian in New York City eating pizza, going to record stores and going to shows. This record was my escape, and it still is. It captures New York and it captures what music means to me. So from a totally personal point of view, this record is New York. This record is important. Again, it is one that is still a massive influence to bands. They are all great musicians, and there will never be anything else quite like it- just like all the records I have mentioned.


Like I said, there are so many records that could have been named. This is just my personal take. Maybe it is wrong, maybe it is right. It’s just a point of view, like the 6Music one is. But I just find it hard to accept that so many great and influential records were missed off.


CORPORATIONPOP: The Chester Road Demos.

5 02 2018



There is something quite poetic about daily life, and it is thanks to poets like Elise Hadgraft that we are able to find comfort in the mundane tribulations of daily life. Her words remind you of Pulp mixed with the genius that is, John Cooper Clarke. Those that observe closely write the best, and that’s what makes Elise so bloody great.

Her words are beautifully spoken over gentle synths that fortunately do not overshadow her wonderful Northern accent. We all know that Northern accents are the best- this wouldn’t work if she was from elsewhere. You feel as if you are in her living room with her slurping on lukewarm tea as you become engrossed in her words. I love how gorgeous her way with words are. There is something so raw and powerful in how she is fearless with her words.

She may shoot you down, but she’ll do it in a way that doesn’t hurt. A sharp tongue like Morrissey mixed with lighter Suicide sounds. For me, this is ideal. This is what I want from music and from poets. That unapologetic honesty that puts you right where the writer is coming from.

You Write Songs is probably my favourite on the EP so far. I love the picturesque cleverness in her words and how she says them. It also comes across in Before The NME Was Free has this romantic bitterness to it that makes you remember the days when the NME was a respectable broadsheet publication. Now it’s just..well..Topman fodder isn’t it. You see them every week lurking outside train stations, the poor sods, trying to flog free copies of the NME. As the day progresses, you see more and more wet trodden in copies on the floor. Can’t even give it away.

Sylvia Suburban has some of the best lyrics on the EP. You can’t help but think of someone who fits the description of Sylvia. You partly feel bad for them, but the other part of you can’t help but smirk at the accuracy of it all. Or maybe you are Sylvia. For me the makings of a great writer are those who can really make you vision everything in what they are saying, everything they are trying to evoke in their words stirs inside of you. You connect. With each listen you reconnect. There is no switching off here at all.

There is one line on this EP that I love so much. I love the tone of Vintage Lingerie, and for me the line “Your new girlfriend smokes slims. Dances like she swims.” is just genius like- like John Cooper Clarke observant. A sharp-witted tongue that will take no prisoners. There is so much to love about Elise’s words and how she delivers them, and I think in some respects it is HOW she says it that really makes you connect with her art.

It is a proper work of art that hangs in your mind rather than on your wall. The words echo daily. Over and over.

DORIAN: Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing?

4 02 2018



When I was at University back in 2006, there was one band in particular that saved me from loneliness and homesickness. A band that I would listen to almost religiously- The Long Blondes. I think them splitting up was one of my biggest heartbreaks I’ve ever encountered. But, we must move on. I still listen to them. Certain songs are still my crutch. Kate Jackson’s solo record blew my mind and know it is time for Dorian Cox to step up and show us what he’s made of.

Dorian has been involved in a number of projects over the past few years, and his current one is heavily and wonderfully influenced by two of the greatest bands of all time- Suicide and The Velvet Underground. I can accept a lot of things in life, but I have a hard time accepting that someone wouldn’t be a fan of Suicide or The Velvet Underground. Their dirty and raw New York sound is something I have always been in love with, and I love finding music that has been influenced by one or the other, or both. Dorian’s debut release is wonderfully titled Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? It sounds like an early title from a song by The Smiths doesn’t it? Bloody great.

This EP reminds me of early Suicide with a massive nod to the genius, Mark E. Smith. The distorted vocals over the synth and drum machine work so well. I’ve listened to this a few times now since it came out at the end of January and I can safely say that the lyrics to Forever Is My Favourite Cliché possess some of Dorian’s finest work, lyrically. I have always adored Kate and Dorian’s song writing skills both separately and together. I love the sheer sleazily and dirty feel in the songs- it stays true to that eeriness of Suicide and darkness of Lou Reed’s words. Sure it’s an acquired taste, but I think those who love Suicide will adore this. It takes you back to the first time you heard the likes of The Fall and Suicide, and it stays with you. That feeling builds and builds with every listen. These aren’t songs you’ll hear in a club- these are songs you’ll hear at house parties at 2am when everyone has emotionally crashed and needs something to lift their spirits. It’ll spark up conversations with potential love interests, it’ll bring together people who wouldn’t probably talk to each other at any other time.

It is has got this quality and feel to it that can ignite feelings, thoughts and wonder. You can play it at any given time and it’ll make you feel like you are elsewhere. I first played it when it came out. I was sat at my desk at work and I just played it a few times to try understand what was going on and what Dorian wanted to achieve with this record. I feel that if he wanted to create this real raw and dirty sound then he has done it easily. No problem. I love music that makes your ears feel a little violated and your mind warped. I love anything that’s a bit dark and sinister. Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? is a brilliant EP and one that is probably best enjoyed around 3am when you can’t sleep. When it ends, allow yourself to drift off and have insane dreams. Maybe Alan Vega will come visit you with Mark E. Smith in tow.

Dream baby dream.

You can listen to/buy the EP here:



2 02 2018



Sometimes the term ‘genius’ is thrown about far too much, but sometimes it is needed. Sometimes it is the only word to use. It’s a word that undoubtedly fits Luis Vasquez aka The Soft Moon. With his record, Criminal out today via the equally brilliant Sacred Bones Records, I think it is pretty safe and accurate to say that Luis is a genius.

It’s probably been said but Criminal is his best work. As someone who has been a fan of The Soft Moon since the very start and holds some sentimental value to previous records- Criminal has taken over. It is truly one of the most powerful and magical records I’ll hear all year, that I am sure of. I love how every song feels like white noise taking over your brain and how his words eat at you. There is something so brutal and delicate about this record that holds your attention hours after you have listened to it. It stays with you and leaves an impact you have been craving for so long.

Something I really admire about Luis’ delivery of lyrics is that for the most part, they are unclear but the tone in his voice gives away just how urgent the meaning is. He has this way of just getting to the root of it all with the way he sings these words rather than what he is saying. His voice is the rumble of a thunderstorm and the music is the lightning bolt crashing down.

Criminal has really shown the strength in his ability to make music that can hit you right in the gut. It is such a perfect record, and it seems totally right that it has been released on Sacred Bones. The style of this record has the same wave of horror pouring through it like Pop.1280 which is something I absolutely adore. Pop.1280 make straight up sinister music that could scare anyone. It’s got this attractive evil and eerie sound that you cannot tear yourself from. The Soft Moon has a sound that does evoke some horror and terror, but it also carries this fragility to it. You know that these songs have come from a delicate, raw and very honest place- and I think that’s what makes it such a beautiful record. I love the aggression and vulnerability in Born Into This, and right now I think it’s my favourite but I’ll change my mind soon enough. Records like this aren’t made for you to favour one song over the rest. It is made for you to cherish each and every song in a way that is personal to you.

On this record there is definitely a shift in sound and style, and I think any band or singer that does this is to be respected. There is nothing worse than a band/singer making the same record over and over again, and not even attempting to experiment. I don’t get it at all. The best thing, as a music fan, is when a band you love just changing with each record. The bands I write about, the bands I go see at shows, the bands I love- they all do this. They all make records that sound different but keeping something similar in a way that lets you know that it is them.

I’m sure it’ll be picked up on but Criminal reminds me of the first Nine Inch Nails record mixed with Cold Cave. So basically, it is the perfect record. It’s got everything you need to comfort you and to keep you going. I reckon it is one of those records that will be talked about in years and years to come. It has something about it that you cannot love, and as a HUGE fan of The Soft Moon, it just makes you so proud of him and all he has done so far, and especially on this record. There is something here that cannot ever be replicated nor can it go unheard. It’s one of those records that when you hear it, you’ll want to turn everyone on to it. It is an absolute pleasure and joy to listen to.

It is made of moments that allow you to just be. Be whatever the hell you want, and the best song to do this to is Give Something. Everything about this song just resonates with you.

Criminal is just a fantastic record from start to finish. It’s a record that you’ll carry with you for a long time, and in some respects it may become your shield and saviour.


2 02 2018



It can be utterly criminal at times when a band you love are hardly written about. You look for past articles written about them, and you find virtually next to nothing. Maybe the odd review of a record that’s only a couple hundred words long- nothing to make you believe that someone else loves them as much as you do. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. I’m going to do that with Sydney’s finest, Los Tones.

Los Tones catapult you way back in time. They make you feel like you’ve discovered The Standells, The Vagrants and The Gruesomes for the first time. They are a combination of everything amazing about Garage Rock and modern day lo-fi sounds. They’re the kind of band you play on a lazy day doing a whole load of nothing. I’m pretty sure that if you played them to someone who was around when The Standalls first came out they wouldn’t thing that Los Tones are from now.

Los Tones have a solid catalogue of music to really feast upon. It’s totally fine to over indulge in their music and shut the world off for a few days to soak it all in. With their two records and a few singles, they have definitely developed a sound that is soaked in wonderful reverb and murky vocals to get lost in. The songs are loud in all the right places. Songs like Cry have this amazing part where it just goes off, and the only reaction you can have is to just turn it up as loud as you can. Bands that can do this are great. They let loose and just go for it. This exciting energy that just bursts from their music is so good. It’s beyond being ‘so good.’ That’s a weak ass description on my part- sorry!

You can’t really compare their two records. Psychotropic came out in 2014 and What Happened came out last year. In the years past between these two records, you can hear a steady growth but you can definitely hear in both that Los Tones are a band that know exactly how they want to sound and how to make it work. There is something really beautiful about this, and both records are just out of this world. Their music is appealing to any and everyone. No need for snobs or pretentious wankers here- Los Tones has this brilliant laid-back sound that just eases the mind, body and soul. Even when some of the songs are more rowdy than others, they still have this blissful relaxed glow to them. You can easily zone out to their music, especially on songs like Ordinary Man but at the same time you can lose yourself in the likes of the glorious Battery Acid. There is something for everyone, and I’m sure your Grandma would enjoy them too.

Los Tones have such a raw and urgent. It’s almost as if they HAVE to get these songs out of their system and to create this beautiful music. They are everything I want from a band. They have every element that I just adore about music. If you’ve got no plans this weekend, spend it by listening to Los Tones. If you do have plans, maybe you should cancel them and just listen to Los Tones instead and allow yourself to be transported into a time and place that only they can take you. They’ll be your escape route and your cure for boredom.

Los Tones make you wish you could join their band or be in a band that tours the world with them. They’ve got this mesmerising energy to their music that makes you want to constantly hear it and be around it.

Some bands you just fall in love with instantly- Los Tones are one of those bands, easily.

You know what to do:




1 02 2018



Some bands are quick to call themselves Punk, and they sound like some real shitty knock-off band that Joey Ramone would probably rightfully laugh at. Some have said Punk is dead, others take a different view. It is most certainly beyond being just a style of music. It is something else. You’ve either got it, or you haven’t. Sometimes you can be blissfully unaware that you are. Labels are lame, but Punk isn’t a bad one to be lumped with.

One band in particular that have this real essence of Punk in their music and have that same snarly attitude as the great Stiv Bators is the brilliantly named, Drunk Mums. The name alone oozes something pretty cool. Just like Dead Boys did with their name. It’s teetering shocking with their name, but shock value or not- Dead Boys, and Drunk Mums are bloody great. They still would be even if they didn’t have a great name. So, what’s in a name? Whatever you want. Whatever the hell you want.

They’ve been around for some time now, and their extensive list of songs is something well worth getting into. The songs that unleash the fury of being stuck in a situation you are dying to get out of- well, they just make it a little easier. There is no denying that I would happily pack up and leave London right now if I could. It’s not home. For me, Drunk Mums unleash this frustration in a way that’s so easy to connect with, and to truly fall in love with. I love how loud they are and I love that they make me feel like I am not in 2018. I feel like I’ve gone back 40+ years. They make you want to put on your favourite (fake, of course) leather jacket or denim jacket that’s covered in badges and patches and heading down to your favourite dive bar to lose yourself in some great music.

They have recently released the 4-track EP, Denim which is up there as being one of the strongest releases of the year and definitely some of their best work to date. It’s damn near impossible to pick my favourite record or song, so I won’t. There’s no point. Everything I’ve heard has just blown my mind. I love the rough and aggressive sound that they have. It just makes you want to throw shit around and be rowdy. I always look for bands that make me feel like, this is how I would want to sound if I was musically talented and had a band- Drunk Mums are definitely one of those bands. They have this energy that really hits you in the gut and makes you want to blast their music out as loud as possible.

Drunk Mums are one of those bands that, once you listen to them you are hooked. Completely and utterly. They make you want to dive in head first into their music and not listen to anything else. There is something really therapeutic about a band that can let out this fury and frustration we carry towards daily life. Certain things are hard to switch off, and change but thankfully bands like Drunk Mums are here to get it out of our system for us. Again, they are one of those bands that you just know that their live shows are going to be totally wild and great. I have no idea if/when they’ll head to the UK, but when they do I’m pretty sure it will be something to remember.

You can listen/buy their music and merch right here:


Play it as loud as you can to truly hear just how amazing they are. Maybe subject your neighbours to them too. They are honestly one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time, and they just leave you wanting more and more. They immediately make you their biggest fan with the first listen. They have something about them that just draws you to them. I don’t really want to listen to anything else right now.



1 02 2018




In an ideal world, everyone would get paid to do something they love. In an ideal world, I’d be paid to write about music. Nothing too over the top. Just enough to pay my rent, maybe get a dog, buy my girlfriend presents without a care and to live off food that isn’t soup. Or pasta. Being Italian, I should be okay with pasta, right? In moderation. Not because your bank account is crying at you to leave a city you have no reason to be in. I’m only working to pay my rent at the moment- that alone just fucks my head up and has set me back with this bastarding anxiety and depression I have, and cannot shake. But hey, enough of that. A slight vent from a frustrated soul. I’ll write about a band that eases the mind and mood slightly.


Water Trash has got it going on. They’ve got this exquisite laid-back sound that makes you forget all your troubles. Every song feels like it has come from the heart, and I think that’s what makes you relate to the songs, and what allows you to let the music just take you away. It’s powerful in all the right ways, and it is done in a beautifully subtle way. I know for the most part I do like music that makes me want to flail my limbs around in a small, sweaty dive bar. Water Trash does give me that same feeling, but the only difference is that they make you feel like you’re the only one. What I mean is, if you were to catch them play live- you’d feel as if it was just you in the room. Irrespective of size, they’d make you feel it was only you in the room. Like when the person you’re besotted with looks at you and when you look at them. That’s one of the best feelings in the world, and when music can evoke this grand and gorgeous feelings- that’s when you know you have found something to truly treasure when everything else seems painfully unruly and bland.

Their debut record from last summer is stunning. It’s got a beautiful summer feel to it. Something we all need when it is bloody freezing outside. They just take you somewhere really tranquil and serene. They add the perfect amount of calm to the mind, body and soul. For me they have that similar relaxed feel that is in the likes of Warpaint and Beach House. Two bands I absolutely adore who can calm any chaotic mind right down. For me, I feel that Water Trash have got this tight sound and I think it stems from them knowing each other since they were around 12 years old. They are growing together, and you can really hear that on their debut record, which sounds effortlessly timeless.

One of the louder moments on the record is a song called Elevator which has this heavy guitar sound that reminds me of the hook in Undone-The Sweater Song by Weezer. It’s laid-back then it just gloriously smacks you right in the choppers. I love when a band spring that kind of surprise on me. I think that’s when you know just how great a band is; no matter how many times you listen to the song it still has the ability to hit you. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Water Trash is such an exciting band to listen to, and you can really pick up on how much dedication and care has gone into their music. They’re the kind of band that you just cannot get enough over.

You can buy/stream their glorious sounds here: