11 02 2019



If you’re already looking for a band that’ll beautifully captivate your summer and rule every bone in your body, then look no further than Spain’s finest, Las Selvas.

They only have two songs up on their bandcamp page, but these 7 minutes worth of songs are enough to get you hooked and turned onto this magnificent sound. I know nothing about them, but I do know that they are exceptional musicians who just make you want to get lost in what you’re hearing in.

Under Buzz is 5 and a half minutes of euphoric gorgeousness. It has heavy parts, it has gentle moments. It’s a mind-fuck and it is so beautiful. I’ve listened to it so many times on my lunch break already. I just keep going back to it. I love the collision of soft and gentle. I love how this song just takes you off some place magical, truly magical. This song really makes you pay attention to Las Selvas, and immediately has you hooked. Part of you just wants to join the band- especially when the song kicks in. When it REALLY kicks in, you can’t help but think “my god this is what I’ve been looking for!” It’s such a powerful song, and for a band to have this so early on is truly remarkable. This is what we need, this is the band we’ve been looking for!

There’s four of them I think in the band, but they make it sound like there’s about ten of them. I don’t know how they do it, but they make you fall in love with them immediately. There’s really no denying how talented they are, and how deserving they are of every ounce of success that needs to go their way. Going by what I’ve heard so far, I’m pretty sure that their live shows are wild. I love how carried away they get, and although they are just two demos- these two demos are just perfect. They don’t sound rough or anything like that, they sound like songs from a band that are very sure of how they want to sound, and they also sound like they’ve been doing this for decades.

Blue Life is a song that makes you want to just head to the beach and watch life go by. It’s a peaceful song that just takes you again, to some magical place. Somewhere sacred and safe. They’re a band that evidently have it in them to keep giving us masterpieces after masterpieces. This is with just two songs; it’s nothing short of incredible. I’m pretty sure I’ve just found the best new band of 2019, easily.

I love how Las Selvas give you a pure sun-kissed feel in their music, and just make you feel so at ease. They are really such a joy to listen to, and I really cannot wait to hear more from them. I want more songs like Under Buzz that sound like Warpaint with a hint of 90s Grunge to it. I love this sound so much. I love the gentle moments in their music, and I love the heaviness that compliments it all so beautifully.

I know next to nothing about Las Selvas, but I do know that they are one of the most exciting bands around and hopefully, 2019 belongs to them. I hope they play some shows in the UK and just take over the world. I love them. I just absolutely love them, and I’ve decided right now that I am declaring myself as being their biggest fan.

Las Selvas, how I love you so!



10 02 2019



One thing I really enjoy is writing about my buddies, Crocodiles. With every record they just reinforce my love for them, and their ability to constantly evolve their sound and always take themselves out a safe zone when making music. I think April this year sees the 10 year anniversary of their debut record, and the 7 records they have put out in a decade have all been masterpieces in their own way. Now it is the turn of Love Is Here to be adored in all its glory.

I don’t want to write this in order of the songs, because I’ve a lot to say about one songs in particular- My Far Out Friend. On every record by Crocodiles, they always have this one song that hits you right in the gut and takes you away from where you are. They always have this one song that sends you off into a euphoric bliss that nothing else can touch. My Far Out Friend is easily now in my top 5 songs by them (it’s always changing, of course but this one is something else.) I absolutely adore Brandon’s vocals on this song. I love how his vocals on this are as dreamy as the music. It has this gorgeous psychedelic feel, and there are two moments in the song where there’s this little drum roll that goes into a beautiful instrumental. It makes you feel like you are floating, and Brandon’s vocals come back in like they are guiding you through the clouds. This is truly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s one I keep going back to. It’s such a gorgeous and ethereal piece of music. The second instrumental part is slightly heavier, and wraps up this work of art so beautifully. My Far Out Friend is THAT song that you close your eyes to, and just zone out.

Last year, I was sent a copy of the record and it just blew me away. Aside from My Far Out Friend, the other song that blew my mind was I Was A Fly. It reminded me of something The Cramps would do. I love the weirdness in the song and there are bits of the music that remind me of something else, and it’s driving me mad that I cannot remember it. It’ll come to me, probably in my sleep. Typical. It’s a real gritty song that you can imagine hearing in dimly lit basement bars.

The record opens with the face-smacking Nuclear Love, and goes right into the wonderfully decadent Exit My Head. Both of these songs are reasons as to why Crocodiles are clearly just the best, and sure I may be biased but that’s what 10 years of being a fan does. I love hearing how they have pushed themselves with each record, and these two songs definitely show this. The songs are heavier on this record compared to Dreamless- but there’s really no point in ever comparing any of their records to each other to be honest. Crocodiles are a band that make you excited about music, and always leave you wondering what they are going to do next. I hope they release Exit My Head as a single because there is something about this song that oozes smut and beauty. I adore this song a hell of lot. The lyrics are brilliant, and I think it’s one everyone can relate to or has related to at some point, In some ways, it reminds me of Henry Miller meets Lou Reed then goes for a drink with Hubert Selby, Jr. It’s just a great song!

Love Is Here (The End Is Near) is a real Punk sounding song. It’s got that pogo feel to it, and I really hope that when they play this life that the crowd go apeshit. They’ve got many songs that make their fans go batshit when they play them (for me, it’s always Refuse Angels) and Love Is Here has got to be one of them that just spur the crowd on to just go insane to this song.

Rats d’Amour and Voyeur Under Glass make you feel like you are roaming a city like Paris late at night with a feeling to cause some trouble (nothing sinister obviously) or just watch the world go by. Voyeur Under Glass has a slight Reggae feel to the guitar which I love so much, and I love the bass so much on this one. Something you really notice on this record is just how ahead Brandon and Charlie are with their sound. I’ve noticed it on their other records, but there is something about Love Is Here that, although you know it is them- there is something about this record that is ahead of its time. The production and the whole sound on this record is nothing short of perfect. You can truly hear the dedication and passion in this record, and it is honestly a flawless piece of art.

Basically, this is just a declaration of love not a review. I can’t write reviews anyway. In short, Love Is Here is the record we absolutely need. It’s most certainly the record I need. And yes, it is my record of the year- I think that’s pretty obvious.

Get yourself a copy from their bandcamp page, and play it loud!



29 01 2019



Sometimes when you know virtually nothing about a band, it makes it easier to write about them. That’s what it’s like with Seoul’s finest. Dead Buttons. All I know about them is this- they are insanely brilliant, and they’re beautifully weird.

If you’re looking for something that will make you think you’ve got a riot kicking and screaming in your head, then you’ll love this band. They’re unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. I honestly have no idea what sounds like them, who are their influences etc. But to be honest, that shit doesn’t even matter. They’re a bunch of musical maestros who truly know how to rip you apart in the most pleasant way possible.

Their songs are these huge masterpieces that make you just sit in awe as you listen to them, they are truly something else. They really will blow your mind. The guitar is off the wall, and the drums keep up effortlessly- it truly does just make you feel like you are unable to move or jolt slightly, because what you’re hearing just throws you off. If you’ve think you’ve heard it all before, then think again! Dead Buttons are probably one of the most exciting bands around, and going by what I’ve heard so far- I’m pretty sure the music scene in Seoul is something we most certainly need to pay a lot more attention to.

Dead Buttons are a band that have probably been sent here to corrupt our minds, and get us all to just zone out as we listen to them. The music is nothing short of perfection. They have this Psychedelic feel but at the same time, the vocals are Punk-ish/ have a Garage Rock feel to them. Everything I love about music is in this band. I really cannot get enough of their sound. Take the song, Foggy Night. It’s just under 7 minutes long (they do songs that last over 5 minutes which is part of my huge love for them)  and it’s a song that has all these twisted and gorgeous layers to it. It’s gentle, but at the same time has a slight sinister tint to it. This song would be perfect in an 80s horror film where you can see all the set props move and the blood is clearly ketchup. It’s such a brilliant song, and it just gets you right in the gut. It’s one of the best instrumentals I’ve ever heard. They make music that is so beautiful, and I love that their recordings up on bandcamp are live ones. It makes you feel like you are at one of their shows, truly. I love how they convey the atmosphere over these recordings, and how you feel it’s just you and them.

There’s a lot of mystery and eeriness in their sound, which I love of course. I love how different they sound and how they are clearly unafraid to mess with the listener’s head. I love music that does this, and I love bands that are utterly fearless with what they do. It makes you believe in them more. I hope we get more music from them, because they are a band that need to be heard. Loudly.

You know when you hear something, and you just know it’s going to stick with you for a long time? That you know that nothing else is going to come from that euphoric feeling you get when you listen to them? Dead Buttons give you that, and so much more.

They’re just a phenomenal collective of musicians who are absolutely unafraid to push the listener, and have this wonderful passion within their music that just makes you be in complete and utter awe of them.

I need to hear more from them. We all do.

Play loud.

BLOND BLOOD: I’ve Never Surfed.

21 01 2019



We all know that Manchester is home to some of the greatest bands of all time, and to celebrate my 10 month anniversary of me finally leaving London and moving the best city in the world (Manchester!), I might as well write about one of the city’s most exciting bands.

When you think of Surf Rock bands, you think of bands that are constantly by the ocean and have never seen a rain cloud. Blond Blood are the opposite. This exceptional Manchester band are exposed to an unhealthy amount of grey skies and rain- but that doesn’t fill them with doom and gloom. If anything, it makes them bring this delightful joy. A summertime mood even when it is stupidly freezing outside and it’s dark before 5pm. Their music is brilliant, and last summer they released the utterly divine I’ve Never Surfed.

The songs on this record just make you want to waste your days away doing a whole load of nothing; either by yourself or with a group of friends who feel the same. Their song, No Fun has this beautiful Mancunian charm to it. It is brilliantly self-deprecating and to be honest, I can identify a lot with the lyrics on this one. I love how they can create this songs with partially sad lyrics, but they even it out with this beautiful and cheery sound. They are definitely a band that have to be seen live, there’s no doubt about that. I love how they have this L.A Surf/Garage Rock sound going on, but it still sounds like something you’ve never heard before. I think they are easily one of the most exciting bands around.

I’ve Never Surfed is such a feel good record, and it just makes you want to go on holiday for a long time. It’s the perfect record to do nothing to. Play it loud, lie on your bed and let your mind go somewhere peaceful. End Of The World is one of my favourite songs on the record, I just love the music to it. James Travolta is another exceptional song on the record. Basically, it’s made up of 12 fantastic songs that you just need to fall in love with.

Blond Blood just take you somewhere truly beautiful and magical with their music, and they have something about them that makes you feel like you are anywhere but where you are. They just make you feel like you’re on holiday, and I’m happy with that. They’re a band that definitely need to be played loud. I imagine that their live shows are nothing short of an incredible sweaty affair.

There are soft moments on the record, the song Don’t Kill Me is such a gorgeous song. I absolutely adore it. Then it kicks in, it really really kicks in. The heaviness to it reminds me of Silverchair mixed with Wavves. For me, that’s a dream combination. Have I said what my favourite song is yet? Well, it’s now this one. I love how it starts gentle, then it just slams into this heavy sound that erupts into something that just makes it standout out.

The record ends on the title track, which is 6 minutes of sheer joy and has this Western film feel to it. This song could easily be used as a soundtrack for a film- for either a brutal chase or fight scene. It just shows how brilliant they are as musicians. An effortlessly cool way to close the record.

I’ve Never Surfed is an incredible record, and Blond Blood are obviously one of the most exciting bands around. I really cannot wait to hear more from them.

CROCODILES:Wait Until Tomorrow.

14 01 2019



There’s nothing better than your favourite band putting out new music, and writing about it. It’s common knowledge that I regard Crocodiles as highly as the Velvet Underground, The Gruesomes and Patti Smith. There is something about Crocodiles that just makes you absolutely love music and want to completely lose yourself in what you hear. This year, it’ll be 10 years since their debut record came out. I remember finding it by accident, and it just changing my life in the best way possible.

10 years on, and my love and respect for them is still massive. Where do you go after a decade? Well, for Brandon and Charlie, they just do what they do best- they absolutely excel with every record, every single, every tour. They’re a band that are consistently phenomenal but at the same time, you never know what you’re going to get from them. From their cover of Groove Is In The Heart to Me And My Machine Gun to Hard- they just have this brilliant ability to make you feel like you’re in 70s New York hanging round places others fear, but for you the smut and sordidness is what gets you through.

Wait Until Tomorrow is such a great song. The guitar is really ferocious, and Brandon’s vocals have never sounded so strong. There is something so distinctive about them, and that’s what makes them standout. They are an unforgettable band, but they are still hugely underrated. They are easily one of the best bands you’ll ever see; their energy and the way they bring their songs to life just makes you wish you could do it. They are a band that you just don’t get tired of seeing and listening to. The lyrics are again, nothing short of romantic imagery and makes you feel like you’re wandering round Baudelaire’s Paris.

I love how they have a cult-like following. There’s something about their music that appeals to damn near everyone. Even my mum loves them! (My mum is pretty cool though, so that explains why.) Their new single picks up where Dreamless left off. They always have this brilliant way of making each record sound a step-up from what has come before, and it’s so easy to see why I just love them so much. I can’t wait to see the new songs live.



So I’ve not really wrote about the single. It’s alright. I’ve just gone on about why I love them, and how excited I am to hear new music. It’s been a little over 2 years since Dreamless came out, and they are easily one of the most hardworking bands around- but don’t think for a minute they were doing nothing in that time! Wait Until Tomorrow could well be one of the strongest singles of the year, and I am pretty confident that the new record will be my favourite of the year. I doubt I’ll sway on that one.

Wait Until Tomorrow is a song that needs to be played really loud. Loud enough to make your neighbours fall in love with what they hear. There really aren’t that many bands who have this consistent feel to their music- you always know that whatever music Brandon and Charlie give us will always be absolutely mind-blowing. We all have a band that mean the world to us- it doesn’t matter if it’s a band that you found last week or 20 years ago. Time makes no difference, and Crocodiles are utterly timeless.

Fellow Croc-Heads, the band are heading out on a European tour next month. Pretty sure they’ll add more dates soon enough (I need a Manchester show!) and we’ll know more about the new record soon.

In the meantime, keep Wait Until Tomorrow on repeat. It’s out via one of France’s finest labels- Deaf Rock Records.




8 01 2019



One of my favourite record labels are releasing a record in February which I am pretty sure is going to be one of the year’s greatest records.

Spellling is an extremely talented musician from the California. She makes music to zone out to, she makes music that gives you a better world and makes you feel like you’re floating. There is something so soothing and so pure in her music, and her voice is out of this world. If you’re a fan of Zola Jesus or Banks- then you’ll love Spellling. Her sound is wonderfully off the wall and beautifully strange.

Mazy Fly will be her second release, and for Sacred Bones to pick this is up is just incredible. That label is home to most of the bands I love, and they’ve never ever put a bad record out. Sacred Bones are so great at finding musicians that have this way to just hit you in the soul, and take you some place truly magical. And sometimes strange.

Pantheon of Me came out late 2017, and it’s one of those records that just freak you out. Not in a bad way, but in a way that leaves you wondering how you made it this far without hearing something so incredible, and just absolutely perfect. I’m fairly sure she does everything herself. This record was produced by her, and she’s just everything you want from a musician. She isn’t afraid to take a sound and completely tear it apart, and create something so different and so wild. Check the song, Choke Cherry Horse- it’s got this riff in it that is so heavy, but her vocals are so gentle and soft. It’s a captivating contridiction and it’s what just leaves you constantly hooked.

She’s got the genius in her that resembles Dorothy Ashby. She has this effortlessly cool sound that’s in the likes of Erykah Badu and Banks. There is something so interesting about her sound, and the way she just makes her vocals do some amazing things. Vocally and musically, there is no denying how brilliant she is. I’ll call her a genius, and I’ll stick to that. Hopefully you will to come February when her second record comes out.

I love music that completely and utterly goes beyond what you’ve expected or does something to your imagination. I love how Spellling just has this calming sound, but at the same time freaks you out with the things her vocals can do. The production on her records are incredible. If I had any musical talented, she’d be someone I’d want to produce my music and work with all the time. The calming sound in her music is so beautiful, and it just eases the brain. Sometimes you just need that.

Bolt From The Blue is my favourite song by Spellling so far. I love the heaviness. I love how she has this big sound which is eased with her gentle voice. The song makes you feel like you’re underwater, and everything is just still and relaxing. Her voice is nothing short of perfect. I love the sheer soul in her voice, and I love how utterly fearless she is. I cannot wait to hear the new record in February, and I’m just super sure that it’s going to be one of the best things I’ll hear. I’ve already put it in my Top 3 (if I was going to make a list.)

Higher Ground is also a song worth becoming infatuated with- there’s so much going on in this song,  but it doesn’t overwhelm you. It just leaves you in awe. Every single song leaves you in awe. Spellling has this beautiful way of creating something truly remarkable with her words, vocals and music.

Wherever she may take you when you listen, you’re sure as hell aren’t going to want to come back from it for a while. Her music is gentle, brave and comforting. Her sound is unlike anything else, and I really cannot wait to hear more from this beautiful soul.


23 12 2018



I’ve said it countless times; I just love music that freaks me out a bit and sounds like something from a nightmare. For me, bands like Pop.1280 are a prime example of this and to be able to find bands that carry the same heaviness and obscure sound is something I’m always looking for. Flat Worms are a band I can happily place next to Pop.1280 for so many reasons. However, this piece isn’t based on comparisons- it’s just sheer admiration.

Flat Worms are loud, insane and are quite frankly, one of the best bands to have come out in a hell of a long time. Sure they have a Garage Rock sound, but there is something else there. Something quite industrial like. The music sounds like a madman going on a rampage, and I love that. I love how unsettling their sound is, and how it makes you feel like you’ve heard something you possibly shouldn’t have. I love the mystery surrounding them. When bands have virtually no online presence, I respect that a hell of a lot. You have to work at finding music to truly move you, and Flat Worms really make you work for it.


I’m not really sure how long they’ve been making music for, but last year they released their debut record which is evidently just the outline of how brilliant they are. They make you want to trash stuff and if you’re feeling festive about being chaotic- tear down some Christmas trees and bin off tradition. Flat Worms have this magnetic rowdy sound that brings out a side of you that other bands can’t get to. They make you want to make your own noise, or just play their sounds ridiculously loud. That’s the only way to listen to a band like this- as loud as possible.

Although I likened them to Pop.1280 earlier, they really do not sound like anything else I’ve ever heard before. I love the rage and passion in the songs. I love how the songs sound like a brawl in a bar, and how they have this unapologetically ferocious sound. It’s like a feral animal roaming free at night, fucking anyone up who gets in its way.

I’m curious about their live shows. Anyone who has seen Flat Worms live is bloody lucky. Imagine being that close to something so off the wall and brilliant. You’d probably leave feeling a bit deaf, but also smug in knowing that you’ve witnessed a bloody phenomenal band. There’s just three (I think) of them, but they make enough noise to make you feel like you’re listening to an orchestra of noise. They have this brilliant and effortlessly cool sound, and the darkness that flows in and out of the songs is remarkable. The lyrics are clever, and take you aback in some instances (Followers is a strong example of this.) Their music is made to be played loud, and for you to just lose yourself in. Flat Worms are easily one of the most exciting bands around, and with just one record out they have made something worth paying close attention to, and of course becoming healthily obsessed with.

If you’re looking for a band to blow your mind, and to make you feel like you’ve been let in on the world’s biggest secret- Flat Worms are for you. Play them loud; it’s the only way. I hope Red Hot Sand becomes your obsession like it has become mine. It’s over 5 minutes of brutal noise that just sets them apart from anything else you’ve heard in a long time.

Los Angeles is home to some amazing bands that I have fallen in love with over the years, and I can quite happily add Flat Worms to my list. I love the sheer rawness they have, and how they just don’t fit into any genre of music at all. They stand out and above, and I really love and admire that about them.

I hope they become louder and louder, because they are band that we are all in need of.