Uh Huh Her. Shepard’s Bush. 24th April 2012.

25 04 2012

Writing this on nearly no sleep means this will not make sense. There’s a good chance that this will read as some strange emotional outburst. I’d apologise, but I’m not sorry. I’ll save them for a time where I am actually sorry.

When you have loved a band for so long, finally seeing them live gives you this feeling that, at best, you cannot describe. But at worst is the most frustrating thing in the world. That’s the thing about Music, you can have these frustrating feelings that sooner or later- will get the better of you. Going to a gig, you can just let it all out. You can justify your tears because certain songs make you feel less alone. Certain songs you feel were written for you. Certain songs give you the courage to do something that terrifies you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to face your fears. Or a band help you do so.

I first started listening to Uh Huh Her when Common Reaction came out. I was in a bad place. It was worse than bad, but you don’t need to know. Sometimes you’ve got to destroy who you were in order to become what you want to be. In the process, you let go and leave behind. The songs on this record made every change and fuck up I caused around me less daunting to face. I still can’t listen to Dreamer without wanting to cry like a baby, it’s just a really sad and longing song. Even the most emotionally stable could be reduced to tears after hearing this song. I’m totally fine now, but if I listened to it now, I’d still breakdown. Some songs are just that powerful. Their latest record, Nocturnes in my mind was probably one of the most underrated records of last year. The production on all they’ve ever done has always been something I have admired.ย  Then came the live show.

Waiting to see the band that have meant the world to you for such a long time is intense and a long process, yet it is beyond worth it when the time comes around to see them.

Everything about Uh Huh Her justifies why I have so much love for duos (okay so live they’re not a duo but still..) They just have a better chemistry, and the stage presence is perfect. You can see this in the likes of Beach House, The Kills..and all the other duos I constantly declare my love for. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep it together when the PA system played The Horrors followed by The Kills, standard behaviour I guess.

If you’ve seen Cam and Leisha on this tour (or live in general) you’ll know it’s pretty much an amazing experience. You treasure it so much more because they do not tour the UK/Europe all that often, I guess that’s why their fans are pretty fucking loyal. And maybe a bit mental too (the good kind.)

I have no idea where I was when I was just stood there singing along. It still doesn’t feel like it has happened, it doesn’t feel real. I’ve had this feeling before. The first time I saw Morrissey I had this exact same feeling, and I got it last month when I saw The Horrors. When a band are such a huge part of your life, the very second they walk on stage it is like every feeling you have is fully justified. When you listen to their songs on a daily basis, you do truly connect but when you see it live, you pick up on certain lines lot more. It’s a bit like, “OH SHIT…NOW I GET IT!” Wait Another Day’s meaning to me just hit a new level last night, I’m pretty sure I felt part of me break and fix at the same time. Something clicked and I’m trying to work out if it’s a good or bad thing, maybe I’ll never know. Maybe I’m not meant to. But it did something. I’ve Had Enough is on the same level too. I’m also pretty sure I See Red acoustic is one of the most stunning things I have ever witnessed.

Throughout the gig I had a few mini outbursts (good ones, I don’t mean I hit anyone. I’m not like that.) The main one occured when Cam introduced Ladyhawke to come out and play Black And Blue with them. For that moment it wasn’t like you were at a gig. It was like you were watching a group of friends have fun at band practice. It was amazing that a venue this size could produce something so intimate. With music, especially live music you can allow yourself to forget everything for a while (with the occasional reminder.) For me, last night for that hour and a bit I could forget all I had on my mind. From worrying about my mum to other stuff, I allowed myself to let go for a while. Now, I’m back to clinging onto it and worrying again. But, I’m human and sadly I cannot switch off. Uh Huh Her’s music make it okay for you to cling onto certain feelings, maybe they are the ones that keep you going. Even if they could be the ones that are eating you up a bit.

Waiting this long to see Cam, Leisha (and Josh of course!) was something that was truly worth it. And I guess with life, sometimes you just have to wait for what you want. No matter how long it takes- it’ll happen, if it is meant to. I know that this is probably the worst thing I’ve written but I’m still in the process of taking the gig in. It was just perfect, if you were there-you know it was. If you’ve seen them on this tour, again, you’ll know how perfect it was. How they are. They deserve to be fucking huge. Their DIY approach to how they make music is so inspiring and much-needed. Another thing that needs pointing out is, at the end of their shows they truly make time for their fans by selling the merch and doing signings. There’s not many bands around that do this, and it is one of the many many reasons as to why Cam and Leisha are an asset to music and the industry.

Until next time…

*(But seriously, I am sorry for how all over the place this is. Lack of sleep and stuff does this to you. Sorrysorrysorrysorry! xx I also think the gig has left me wanting a hug. I may go buy a puppy or something.)


“Shake your head, it’s empty.”

4 04 2012

Wants and needs cloud your judgement. It’s easier to ignore them both so you can carry on. And carry on you will. This is the hangover talking. Not in a physical sense, that passed at half 10 this morning when I stood in the shower playing Explode by Uh Huh Her about 5 times until I felt like a person again. Things go wrong very quickly, you try to be cautious. You do what is right. You leave things behind so you can move forward. The things you never faced smack you right in the face when you have brief moments on your own. I’m trying to distance myself from this because some things, well..you’ve got to never tell so you stay sane. So what happens? Lose.Your.Shit. Lose your mind if you want. Nobody is strong all the time. Nobody is always weak. You can find strength in the things you think are killing you, metaphorically. You hold everything back. And for what reason? You’ve got your reasons. You try to let it out, but for some reason- it just won’t come out. Not because you’re biting your tongue constantly, but..the words. The words are not there. So you find a sense of peace and become calm in the midst of hearing THAT certain part in a song that you love. The song that cradles you. The song that nurses you. Like a whisper in your ear, “It’s going to be okay.” It will be okay.

One day I will take on board what I have just typed up. Until then, I’ll remain a hypocrite, or maybe just one of life’s lost causes plodding their way through. Knowing that nothing is secure, or forever. Time is just a way of limiting yourself. I never wear a watch. Lose yourself to something positive than give yourself up to something destructive. This is why I don’t show my poetry or songs to anyone. It goes deeper than the paragraph above, and I’m ashamed of it.

So, with this utter nonsense out of the way- there are songs. There are always songs. Songs that will drag you through because you just don’t want to think about how you’d word it. Wants and needs. You want a person, but do you need them? Anyone who says they don’t need anyone is lying. Even if it’s just one person, you cannot deny that you need them. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic way. A relative, a close chum- you need them. You want them around. You think you’re going to lose them at times. You think you’re about to because the Universe is a fucking BITCH. Solace is found in music. Shut it all off and fall into the music. It’s the only way you know how. And maybe…just maybe we are all struggling to get to the same thing in life. So, please be kind to everyone. Be respectful and tolerant. Walk gently through life and do everything with heart. Speak up. Be strong, be weak. Be yourself.

Camila Grey.

4 03 2012


I wrote this about a week ago..maybe a bit longer? I lose track. Me and the concept of time just do not go together at all. I don’t own a watch. I just don’t like having to schedule stuff. Anyway, I wrote this little thing about Cam from Uh Huh Her. Except what I wanted to do was write about her as musician. Not as..well, anything but I guess. You know what happened? BAD SHIT HAPPENED. I was called various things and got some wonderfully shit messages from people who evidently took this the wrong way. You see, they failed to see that I was writing about a musician and just got mad possessive over an actress that USED to be in The L Word. Oh, and just so we’re clear- The L Word was a TV show. Shane was a fictional character, she doesn’t exist. You are not her, so please lesbians- stop trying to act like her. However, I’m aware that many try to emulate this character in order to get some vagina. Be yourself. That’s more attractive (however, I’m constantly myself and no one wants to know but..hey, why listen to me right?!) It pissed me off because I stupidly put a lot into writing about Cam. I admire and respect her, as a musician. Yes I know she is highly attractive (as is Leisha, I know.) But I wrote it as a profile of a musician that’s been around for some time now, and I personally felt that her work needed to be recognised. Not just as a member of Uh Huh Her. However, it turns out I was wrong to do that because some that cling onto The L Word had a problem. So, I deleted it. I thought, why should I even bother. I’ll just stick to writing about Garage Rock bands or whatever and leave out anything else. FUCK THAT. I’ve changed some parts, and this is staying. If you cannot see that this is about a musician called Camila Grey- then don’t read it. Just don’t bother. If you feel the need to slag this off, why bother? Go do something productive with your time rather than missing the point on something purely innocent.

So here, have some kind of article about a musician that I just admire, that’s all. Let’s try do this without the negativity from some, alright?

I guess I could’ve just written this about the band, but let’s be honest most know who Leisha Hailey is and what her past music endeavours were (The Murmurs then re-named Gush in 2001..) But, I feel for some horrible reason people are lacking their knowledge on Camila Grey. So, as I am a sadcase who has no life- I’m going to write about her. And guess what? I won’t be mentioning how hot she is. It’s about the music right now, but yes..she is very beautiful. Anyone with eyes can see that.

So here’s what you need to know. Cam isn’t just some beautiful woman prancing about with instruments. Oh no, she’s not like that. Actually, before I go into detail about her past music deal, I’m going to mention something that caused me to have a mild fit. I was watching an interview of Cam a while ago, and she was mentioning bands she liked. I kind of already knew she probably had a solid music taste judging by the music she makes. So, she lists a couple of bands then BAM! She mentions a band that I have loved since I was a baby. I had their music played to me at a very young age, and partially the reason as to why I’ve always been drawn to lyrics. She mentioned The Fall. Camila Greys digs THE FALL. Fucking..Mark E Smith. She is a fan of one of the best bands to have EVER come from Manchester. You really cannot imagine my reaction to this. I felt like someone had told me I had won the lottery or some shit. I think I yelled “FUCK OFF!!!” at the computer as she said it. I couldn’t get my head around it. You never really hear someone mention The Fall anymore, I have no idea why as they are such a vital band. Mark E Smith’s way with words is hilarious and accurate, for someone who I think is nothing short of amazing to mention The Fall? No words. Honestly. Oh, and she collects vinyl- so combine all these factors and you pretty much have my favourite person in life that I have never met. Just watch this clip :

Right, I’ve had my brief outburst as to why I personally think she’s amazing. Now I’ll be a bit more “professional.” Oh, before I continue- I stand by my wish to sit in a pub with her and discuss The Fall. I own a few albums on vinyl, and I think her and I need to discuss The Fall together. Can someone make it happen? Thanks.

Cam was educated at Berklee College of Music. She met her former band mate of Mellowdrone (listen to them, seriously they were/are pretty damn good) Jonathan Bates there. She’s worked with Busta Rhymes, in my head this means she has done a rap album with him full of mental freestyles over blues samples..and it has yet to be released. The world isn’t ready. This is what goes on in my head, and sometimes I worry myself. Would be pretty cool if we ever heard Cam rap, right? Oh wait..what?

I think this justifies my idea that she has done a rap album with Dr.Dre and Busta. And as you know, she also toured with Adam Lambert. I think he may have rapped on the record too. Probably did a little beatbox freestyle. This has to happen. Can we make this happen? I know I said I was going to be “professional” with this, but I’ve clearly messed that up.

Alright, so what I love about Cam (I don’t want you to think I don’t love Leisha, because I do. I just think more need educating about Camila, that’s all. No bad feelings here.) I love that you can tell she fucking loves music. You read any interview, watch any live performance or read any interview- you can just feel the pure passion she has for music. I got into Uh Huh Her’s music in the summer of 2008. I have no idea how I found their music but I know I was listening to them before I ever watched The L Word. That’s right, I am such a SHIT lesbian. I heard Common Reaction and just thought it was an incredible debut record. I didn’t even know Leisha was in the band. I watched the video to Not A Love Song and thought..”SHE LOOKS FAMILIAR!!! Oh wait..there’s a unicorn.” The fake unicorn impressed me more than it probably should. And because of that, I now stick ice cream cones on the heads of horses… I don’t, just in case any anti-animal cruelty people come knocking. I’m a vegetarian, I love animals. Probably more than I love people. Animals are more loving and compassionate aren’t they. So yeah, I didn’t know Leisha had a band. So I read up about Uh Huh Her, got the record and fell insanely in love. I think I played Common Reaction to death, however I never ever listen to Dreamer. That song ruins me. I don’t care that I’m a stable person now, but listening to that song can make me just fall to pieces. I can’t think about it. Wait Another Day is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I think I now hate how much I can currently sort of relate to it.

After hearing Common Reaction, I went back and listened to their EP, I See Red. The title track is probably my favourite by the band. Although, if you play Another Case to me..I’ll probably do anything you want. Within reason. Oh, and Explode makes me think every single part of me is going to just combust. In short, the band mean a hell of a lot to me. However, when I listen to them at the gym I really don’t enjoy Debris coming on when I’m on the rowing machine and an attractive woman is near me on the treadmill. That song wasn’t made for that kind of situation. It always seems to creep up on me at times where it shouldn’t. But I just love how it has a Grunge feel to it. The guitar..good lord the guitar. That alone is enough to send me funny. If they do this when I see them in April (SHEPARDS BUSH!!) I’ll probably have to leave the room.

Although they’re not hugely popular, I mean who cares- but with a band like Uh Huh Her, you do NEED them in your life. What I admired about them the most is how they self-funded Nocturnes (one of the best records of 2011) It also showed just how loyal their fan base is..even if some are partial to yelling “I LOVE YOU ALICE” at gigs. If that happens on the 24th April, I will NOT be responsible for my actions at all. It’s just disrespectful more than anything.

Have I spoken about Camila enough? I haven’t? Okay. I love her voice. It has a seductive but gentle feel to it. I feel like a right arse typing that, but it is true..isn’t it? Her voice can sound so delicate on some tracks, yet on others she sounds so…I don’t even know what the word is. Just listen to Criminal..then go listen to I See Red. You should be able to get the general gist of what I am getting at. Oh and also she absolutely and amazingly mothereffin’ KILLS the guitar. It is seriously enough to make you want to grab the nearest person to you, and get up in their face and yell “WHY IS THIS THE MOST PERFECT THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.” My friends are already concerned about my welfare and general behaviour at the gig in April. It’s okay. So long as I have a bit of whiskey and a fruit tea, I’ll be totally fine. It’s just after the gig that could be the problem. I’ll compare everything in life to it, and just end up experiencing disappointment. Something which I force myself to never feel, it’s been working just fine in my 25 years on this planet.

So there you have it. A brief rambling as to why I love Camila Grey and as to why she is a bloody incredible musician. I don’t think I’ve done her justice have I? But all I can do is write as a fan who adores those who make amazing music. When you feel some kind of connection to a band, you feed off the love they have for what they do- and it makes you believe in them, and yourself even more. What I learnt from Uh Huh Her, especially with regard to the second album is that you should never EVER compromise who you are to get what you want. Do it your way, and only your way because it is the only way you will reach any kind of satisfaction with yourself, and what you do.

“You can keep it pure on the inside. And you know what you believe to be right.”

18 01 2012

Have you ever been made to feel so small and worthless due to a comment someone made? Maybe they called you “fat.” Or maybe they called you “stupid.” Or they insulted you because of the colour of your skin or religion. You feel ashamed of who you are don’t you? You want to fight back, but that bit of fight you have in you just goes. It fails you because you have no idea what just happened.

Yesterday afternoon, I was waiting in line with my mum. In front of us were two young lads. Probably a few years younger than me, I’m 25 so they weren’t that young I suppose. Anyway, they weren’t exactly using the most eloquent language. I think they were probably part of that disgusting generation who think it is okay to use the word “gay” to describe something awful. So they were talking, and one of them looked at me. He then turned to his friend and said, “I fucking hate gay people. They’re all disgusting.” I didn’t say a word. I just felt any ounce of pride I had of being gay just die. It totally died. My mum’s face was filled with rage. I had to stop her from saying something, because if she started- she wouldn’t stop. Sometimes, I think she is more proud of me being gay than I am. I guess right now that isn’t hard. Thing is, I have walked around cities in England with friends (that are gay) and never once have any of us had shit said to us. Cities tend to be more open minded. Nobody really pays any attention to you. I currently (and hatefully) live on the Isle of Man- if anyone wants to take me away from here, please do. I’ll be forever in debt to you- I’ll pay you back with hugs, cups of tea and my friendship for as long as you want. I’ve been back here since the end of November. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable walking down the street- day or night. Headphones in, look at the ground as I walk. I’m 25 years old- I shouldn’t have to go back to hating who I am again.

So, what has this got to do with music? Well, I’m going to give you some songs that since yesterday have made me feel less shit about this. It hurts, of course it does. I wish I could shrug it off, like I usually do. You see, I can handle being called ugly or whatever- I won’t ever argue with that. But to call someone disgusting just because they happen to like people of the same sex in a romantic way? FUCK YOU. Seriously. What’s disgusting is your small minded minds. What’s disgusting is how you judge people. Never ever judge a person, ever. You do not know what they are going through. If that person is a “twat” maybe they have a reason for being like that. But seriously, to hate someone based on colour, religion, sexuality- ANYTHING. It is just vile.

I once thought Society was moving forward, but it is apparent that it is going backwards. It is going backwards quicker than anyone of us could imagine. There is no sense of unity and help anymore. More and more young people are taking their lives because they cannot deal with being gay or they bullied for being gay. I didn’t come out whilst at school because I know my life at school would’ve been worse than it was with bullying. I would’ve ended up being another statistic. We need to protect and provide comfort for those that are struggling. Being gay is NOT a bad thing. Do NOT disown your kids for being gay, do NOT taunt a kid because they are gay, and STOP making it okay to use the word gay to describe things that are bad. There are other words that you could use, by using the word gay- it just shows how uneducated and small minded you are. It has to end.

Living day to day is a challenge for most of us, we don’t need to be made to feel so worthless and ashamed for who we are by people who are evidently projecting. You cannot catch homosexuality. Stop being afraid. People are people. Be kind, and be gentle. We all go on about accepting ourselves and one another- but how can we when in the same breath, others are being out down by being true to who they are?

My mum told me, after I came out to her : “Always be true to yourself, and always be happy. Do not live a lie, because if you do that- then you’re not living.”

I don’t care if you are gay,straight, black,purple, orange, yellow, green, Muslism, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Sikh, Hindu- whatever. I do not care. If you’re a good person and true to yourself- then that is all that matters.

So, these are songs by artists that just mean a lot. Especially right now.

Finally, to quote Shirley Manson :

“I would say I’m pretty well at ease with my sexuality, but I’m an individual before I am a female.”

The art of growing up….is a pain.

16 11 2011

In 9 days I’m moving back home. I call it home, although it never feels like it. I’ve never felt at home anywhere. I hope that when I leave there after a month or so, I can find a place called home and stop feeling on edge or whatever. I was alright with leaving here, until this evening. I know some truly beautiful and wonderful people. I’ve had a bit of a cry, I suppose I’ll blame the wine for that. Or the fact that I am way too sensitive and sentimental for my own good. Orignally I wanted to make this mixtape post about the songs that helped me grow up and saved my life. I’ve decided to change it, and just put a bunch of songs that remind me of certain people and certain events that have happened. I guess you can call it a thank you or whatever for the people I care about more than I probably show. I’m utterly toss with saying how I feel, so I guess using a song is the best way to do it. Besides, like most I fear rejection so this is my best bet.

I like to think that certain songs are obvious as to who and what they are about. I don’t want to explain because it will take away the meaning and I suppose the sentimental value. This year has been a bit shit, but it’s also been alright. Certain people have made it easier. Again, they should know who they are.

I could honestly ramble on, but I’d just bore you to death.


“This is the first song for your mixtape….”

10 11 2011

If I can stick with writing about every album by The Cure, then I think I can stick with this silly idea I had at 4am this morning.

However, I’ll probably realise it is beyond stupid and delete it.

No explanations needed for the songs. Basically every week (providing I don’t forget) I’ll link some tracks that I’ve constantly got on repeat and annoying my neighbours with. So…enjoy I guess?!

Albums Of 2011-Part 2.

29 10 2011

I’ve spent my morning writing songs. One of which is about being with someone who you then discover is a murderer. Lack of sleep may have brought this on. Maybe I should stop listening to Charles Manson’s music? I’ve had to make a list of the albums I want to write about. I’ve only got 20 and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some out, or I’ll end up disliking one or two of the ones I’ll end up mentioning. Hopefully I won’t, but I do like to make life difficult for myself sometimes. I’ve not had much sleep so this is again, going to be some kind of strange rant.

This year, again, duos have seem to have blown my mind with their records from The Kills (already mentioned) to Uh Huh Her. Unintentionally this part is going to be about a few albums that duos have put out that I loved (and still do) far too much (maybe.) I’ll start before I get carried away AGAIN!

Uh Huh Her-Nocturnes: Not because I’m a bit (a lot) in love with them, but because it is actually a fucking amazing second album. When I heard Common Reaction I instantly fell in love with it, a perfect debut album. I honestly didn’t expect their second album to be as good- or even better than their first. It’s less synthy (not even a word but I don’t care!) than their debut. It’s got a more raw sound, the lyrics are a lot darker. I’m borderline obsessed with Another Case. Mainly the video. For obvious reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s quite a menacing song in a way, I don’t know. I probably think Bambi is a menace right now due to lack of sleep. Personally I feel that Leisha and Camila should be massive, like the whole world should know about them; their music is so euphoric. You put their records on, and you just want to fail your limbs about and call it dancing. You just want to emerse yourself in it over and over again. The lyrics are gorgeous and the actual music just makes you want to throw your body around in mental ways. I adore the song Disdain far too much. I love how their voices merge together in such a beautiful way. You have Camila’s strong voice that is tamed with Leisha’s delicate tones. This is what you want in a duo. This is why duos in my mind, are so brilliant. They put more work into their sound, there’s more chemistry. I just love this album a hell of a lot.

Big Deal-Lights Out: My love for this duo is ridiculous. What I adore about them is how fragile and utterly vulnerable their music is. The way they sing just absolutely rips you apart so badly. You can be the most stable person ever, but if you listen to tracks like Talk or Chair, you will want to just weep. You will want to cry and you will feel so sad. I know a lot try to avoid feeling sad, but Big Deal do it in such a delicate and careful way. It’s just their voices and guitars. They are a brilliant duo who well and truly tug at your heartstrings. Talk, for me is the most heartbreaking song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s on a par with The Last Goodbye by The Kills. The line, “All I wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up.” It just makes you ache everywhere. You feel it in your heart and it sinks so deep into the pit of your tummy. It cripples you with such strong emotion. It is an emotionally charged album that will easily break the hardest of hearts. The sheer vulnerabilty in their music makes them easy to fall in love with and relate to. There’s sod all wrong with being a delicate person. You can be fragile but unafraid of the world- you can be that person. This album is a stunning debut, and honestly if they are making music like this on their debut record- they are more than likely going to blow you away with their next records. It’s so full of raw emotion that most of us try to shy away from. The slightly distorted electric guitar mixed with the acoustic guitar is just perfect. Truly, truly stunning.

Cults-Cults: One ofย  my greatest loves in music is 1960s girl groups such as The Shirelles, The Girlfriends etc. I love the big drum sound and angelic voices that just ooze so much feeling. I love how it can make you want to dance but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it’d just destroy you. I love how they can mask the pain of love and relationships with an amazing sound- such as the Wall Of Sound. I just think it’s genius, truly wonderful. What I love about Cults is that they have managed to do this. They’ve done it, an it doesn’t seem intentional at all. It’s just like, how they are. A lot of bands seem to want to have a specific sound and relate to certain kins of people. The music that Cults create isn’t like that at all. They’ve got this lovely Pop sound that is quite soulful. If you didn’t know they were from now, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was from the 60s. Songs such as You Know What I Mean just pour out so much- I don’t know what. There’s just a lot going on. I remember playing the record in full and just being amazed as to what I was hearing. The drums just blew me away. I have a thing for drums, the louder and more agressive they sound- the more I’ll probably enjoy it. The drums are bold in their music, but the soft vocals ease it and just make you feel the music even more. I adore Never Saw The Point a hell of a lot. I think I went through a stage where all I did was just play this song over and over. The line, “I never saw the point in trying, ’cause I would only let you down.” is just one of the many in this song that I felt a lot. Towards things and people, but now it’s alright and none of it matters anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want a record that is going to make you want to just get lost in the world and its surroundings, then you more than likely need this one. And if you don’t want that? Well, you still need the record.

Summer Camp-Welcome To Condale: I don’t think there’s anything I can say about this record or the band that I haven’t said already. It’s bloody obvious how much this band mean to me. I do think my love for this record is spirling way out of control. You all know my love for I Want You, song of the year no doubt. It’s just a brilliant piece of 80s influenced music. Don’t let the 80s influence out you off. Unlike a lot of bands, Summer Camp actually do it in a way that doesn’t leave you with an awful headache. Think, eating too many Freddo bars in one go- that horrible sickly feeling you get. Go with that…..Summer Camp don’t make you feel that way at all. Elizabeth and Jeremy have easily created the best debut album this year. Deny that, and I’ll make you eat Freddo bars until puke fills your face. I clearly won’t, I’m just trying to create some dramatic tension between us. I know that a lot of amazing albums have been released this year, but I reckon Welcome To Condale is going to be one of the few that in like 10 years time- I am still going to be going on about. Oh don’t get me started on I Want You, I’ll probably be on my deathbed asking to hear it then try to dance to it. The album is just amazing, start to finish- it is an instant work of art. If it doesn’t blow you away, then you’re daft. I’m joking, slightly. We’re all allowed our own opinion but seriously, if you can’t love this record GET OUT. You can sense the love, time, effort, passion and work that went into the record. That alone makes it stand out from a lot of records around.